Former SNL Weekend Update correspondent, Stefon, to join PN

Stefon Meyer

Stefon Meyer

Legendary City Correspondent Stefon Meyer answers three questions

Stefon Meyer will become Positively Naperville’s newest City Columnist as early as next month.

After leaving the Weekend Update last year, Stefon most recently corresponded with Anderson Cooper and will be moving to Naperville to join the PN team.

PN: What excites you most about Naperville?

Stefon: “Naperville has everything – rivers that flood, overly salted roads, a cow tunnel for hanky-panky, nail salons that use Dremel tools and ooo-poolecious.”

PN: What’s that (ooo-poolecious)?

Stefon: “Yes-Yes-Yes-Yes-Yes-Yes. It’s that thing where you get fined for not curbing your dog in the forest preserve – but not get fined for not curbing your horse. There’s mud pies and road apples everywhere in that forest preserve – Danada–da-da-da – just north of Naperville off Butterfield Rd.”

“In Manhattan and Central Park, they make all the horses wear fashionable baggies towards their rear. The horses in DuPage are ooo-poolecious – like a giant brownie mudpie. They don’t have to wear the baggies.”

PN: What’s your most prized possession?

Stefon: “The table I stole from Charlie Rose.”

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