Prospectors discover salt at Morton Arboretum

Morton-SaltLISLE, ILL – With several Gulf Coast oil spills and increased government regulations in recent years, area oil companies began researching alternative revenue streams, and recently discovered salt (NaCl) at the world renowned Morton Arboretum.

University of Illinois geologists and prospectors, with the help of the Umbrella Girl, began drilling tests last summer, when there wasn’t frozen ground, and core samples revealed a millennium’s stockpile of salt in the snapping turtle laced ponds at Morton Arboretum.

“We’re exuberant at the idea and possibilities of a salt-laced tax revenue stream for area residents,” said prospector Mort Briny. “The core samples are promising.”

Engineers are exploring extraction methods – from traditional mining to the often controversial fracking.

Mort Briny has been a pioneer in the salt fracking world and an expert at the environmental impact of salt extraction to indigenous wildlife.

The economic impact of salt looks promising for local residents. The tax revenues will greatly aid in recent budget shortfalls and help to fund salt in school lunch programs.

“Salt has always acted as a currency and revenue center at the core of any society… from the Greeks to Samurai in Japan and frozen roadways; it has always aided in the movement of scarce resources and harassment of citizens in colder months,” said Briny.

There is also talk amongst prospectors and local officials to construct a salt pipeline that would connect the deposits with Chicago for processing, despite construction costs that could run into the billions.

There are also concerns about salt leaks – and keeping Lake Michigan fresh water friendly for fish and migratory birds, including Asian carp.

Morton Salt is available in most local grocery and convenience stores. For bulk purchases, contact your local wholesaler.

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