Women squawk, learn lessons from goose population

In the spirit of Hansel and Gretel, dozens of local youngsters dropped bags of white bread crumbs along the new trail around the pond in May Watts Park to help them find their way back to school. At first, neighbors were up in arms when hundreds of hissy Canada geese flew into the pond in perfect V formation. The neighbors quickly discovered, however, that the geese rejected the unhealthful whitebread, opting instead to find plants and insects in the natural habitat.

May Watts Park

While several mothers rallied their children to scoop up the soggy bread crumbs to clear passage along the trail, other women held protest signs with messages such as, “Help protect wildlife. Let wildlife feed from the food chain.” “Ducks and geese are wildlife. Don’t feed wildlife.” “Keep garbage cans secure on trash days.” “Don’t play ‘Hansel & Gretel.’”

“Don’t take life too seriously; you’ll never get out alive,” proclaimed an imposter of American wit Elbert Hubbard.

Don’t take this page too seriously. This month starts with “April Fool’s Day.” —PN

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